FAN has become a member of SEDC (Smart Energy Demand Coalition)

Flexiblepower Alliance is now a member of SEDC (Smart Energy Demand Coalition). The SEDC is the European industry association dedicated to making the demand side a smart and interactive part of the energy value chain. The two organizations share many objectives, such as the optimal use of local demand response.
Right after becoming a member, Bert den Ouden (General Director, FAN) participated in the recent SEDC symposium and subsequent General Assembly in Brussels, 20/21 October 2016.

Focus on an independent ‘open’ protocol (EFI)

Let us inform you about our ambitions for the near future. Please download our latest presentation (september 2016).


Sharing our vision on Energy Market 2050 (Dutch)

The Netherlands is facing a huge challenge: in the next 35 years, the country must radically reduce its CO2 emissions and start using more renewable energy sources.  The government is working with dozens of organisations to achieve this goal. Citizens and companies across the country are invited and challenged to share their vision on the development of the Energy Market in 2050 via “the Energy Debate”. We like to share our vision: Energy dialogue – Input by the Flexiblepower Alliance Network (Dutch)Energy dialogue

Article in Dutch

More information about the Energy Debate see:

Heat pumps to flexibilize the energy grid

Heat pump in combination with the PowerMatcherTM used by grid operator Stedin to flexibilize the energy grid. An article in Energeia, a Dutch digital information and service platform for the energy industry.

The value of the PowerMatcherTM proved itself with project Couperus in Ypenburg (near The Hague). By using the PowerMatcherTM as an operating system, the heat pumps of almost 3oo household of the Couperus building could be used to create energy grid flexibility. The main project objective was peak shaving, partly shift the peaks to other moments of the daytime. Heat pumps, combined with their buffer capacity turned out to be very useful.
The PowerMatcherTM is available as Open Source software.

Download here the complete article (Dutch). You can also download the factsheet (English), published by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


Powermatcher in action

Powermatcher explained by Alexander Krstulovic and the demo Minimatcher at the European Ulitity Week

(Vienna, 2015).

Powermatcher’s goes Germany


20151203-Heinsberg-Alliander-office-Minimatcher-demo_dbThe new Alliander office in Heinsberg (Germany) has PV panels for power generation and a Heat Pump for heating, both real-time optimized by the Powermatcher.
Dutch company EXE (Energy Exchange Enabelers) who facilitated the Energy System, used Powermatcher for the interaction between the local solution (PV panels and Heat Pump) and the interaction with the national energy exchange, including the European market coupling.
This was demonstrated on December 3rd during the opening ceremony of the Alliander office in Heinsberg, Germany, in the presence of Peter Molengraaf CEO Alliander and Managing Director of Alliander Deutschland Frank Zeeb.