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Interreg, June 5th 2019, Almere, NL

On June 5th in Almere, FAN contributed to the Clean Energy, Clean Mobility conference hosted by Interreg EV Energy. FAN’s Bert den Ouden showed how relevant Flexible Energy already is, and stressed the importance of keeping the customer in control. In the Energy Management Systems workshop, FAN’s Adriaan van Eck stressed the value of a […]

TenneT has become FAN participant

We are delighted to announce a new FAN member: TenneT TSO. Frank Wiersma, Electricity Market Developer at TenneT: With the growth of variability in renewable generation, and the goal to reduce CO2 emission of the electricity system, substantial new flexibility potential will have to be unlocked and developed. We therefore support FAN’s mission to enable flexibility as a […]

WattsLocal: A great afternoon on Local Energy Communities.

On March 14th 2019, FAN and Stedin DSO hosted WattsLocal, an afternoon on Local Energy Communities. The main topic was how communities can contribute to an open and flexible energy system. We have had inspiring talks and workshops with innovators and energy-experts, on best practises, open standards, transactive energy, and on how to build communities. […]

Enexis Groep joined FAN

We are proud to announce that Enexis Groep, one of the 3 largest Dutch DGO’s, has joined the Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN). Flexiblepower Alliance Network – a foundation established in 2013 – is promoting open and standardized solutions for energy flexibility as an essential element in accelerating the energy transition. Enexis has been developing important […]

First FLEXCON conference huge success

On 20/21 November 2017, we hosted the first FLEXCON conference. FLEXCON 2017 is the first European conference purely dedicated to Energy Flexibility! Topics included both flexibility policies and practical implementations. Many international delegates, speakers and sponsors got together in Amsterdam, in a sold-out event. The participants came from all over the world and included important global players, […]

FAN General Assembly adopts new vision document:

portability for energy customers regarding their flexibility and demand response The General assembly, 11 October 2016, adopted a document describing the flexibility roles of parties in the value chain of energy services. One of the key messages is easy switching of customers with demand response between service providers (no lock-in). Flexibility (e.g. steerable heat pumps, […]

Presentation Richard Beekhuis (TNO) “Combined Energy” Conference 21 November 2016, Germany

161121_introducing-energy-flexibilityRichard Beekhuis (TNO) presented the FAN vision during the ‘combined Energy” Conference on November, 21st 2016 in Germany (Neuss), organized by the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia. Some of the topics: – The standardized Energy Flexibility Interface (EFI) as a tool for smart energy customers (key message: with EFI customers can easily switch between suppliers or […]

FAN has become a member of SEDC (Smart Energy Demand Coalition)

Flexiblepower Alliance is now a member of SEDC (Smart Energy Demand Coalition). The SEDC is the European industry association dedicated to making the demand side a smart and interactive part of the energy value chain. The two organizations share many objectives, such as the optimal use of local demand response. Right after becoming a member, […]