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Interreg, June 5th Almere, NL

Want to know about FAN’s vision on Flexible Energy? Or about EFI, the Energy Flexibility Interface? Meet FAN at the Interreg day on June 5th in Almere, The Netherlands. FAN will be moderating a workshop on Energy Management Systems. Next to that, we will host a presentation how to implement Flexible Energy the right way. […]

TenneT has become FAN participant

We are delighted to announce a new FAN member: TenneT TSO. Frank Wiersma, Electricity Market Developer at TenneT: With the growth of variability in renewable generation, and the goal to reduce CO2 emission of the electricity system, substantial new flexibility potential will have to be unlocked and developed. We therefore support FAN’s mission to enable flexibility as a […]

WattsLocal: A great afternoon on Local Energy Communities.

On March 14th 2019, FAN and Stedin DSO hosted WattsLocal, an afternoon on Local Energy Communities. The main topic was how communities can contribute to an open and flexible energy system. We have had inspiring talks and workshops with innovators and energy-experts, on best practises, open standards, transactive energy, and on how to build communities. […]