Become a partner at FLEXCON, our international event on flexible energy

Accelerating the renewable energy transition for homes and business all around europe.

Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN) will host an international event on flexible energy, FLEXCON 2017. The goal is to inspire and co-develop concepts and solutions to make flexible energy even more relevant in the energy transition. Join us!

Flexcon 2017 will take place from 20 – 21 November 2017 at Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Connect, learn & create

The world is in urge to work on the ecosystem today. FLEXCON brings together international visions, solutions and creators. At FLEXCON 2017 we bundle interesting keynotes and set up a Flexible Energy Lab packed with smart devices: electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels, smart meters, machines, cloud-based services and API’s.

International hands-on development- and design teams will create new smart energy services and business models related to topics like smart grids, blockchain, energy market simulations, Automated Demand Response, near-realtime forecasting etc. we expect more than 200 top smart home/smart energy professionals including 80 systems and business developers.

Become a partner!

We are open to partners who want to position themselves in the Energy Transition and showcase their appliance, service or API’s. FLEXCON 2017 offers partners a unique opportunity to show the world why they are frontrunners in the energy transition or have the potential to become one.

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